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Jones County Safe and Healthy Youth Coalition

Welcome to the Jones County Safe and Healthy Youth Coalition website. We invite you to visit this website often for updates about information such as meetings, upcoming events, new trends, laws, drug and alcohol use prevention, campaigns, goals and community resources, etc.

About Us

We take our responsibility very seriously. We are a group of local residents who have come together for a common goal– the safety and well being of our communities and children.

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Our Values

Vision Statement
We envision every child in Jones County to have a safe and healthy family and community so that they can thrive into the future.
Mission Statement
Engaging our communities in efforts to promote mental wellness and reduce substance use by creating and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for youth and adults in Jones County.
Enhancing the quality of life in Jones County


In response to tragedies and overwhelmingly high rates of underage drinking, the Jones County school districts began a project in 2004 that included community efforts to reduce underage drinking through coalition work.

Those efforts became the “Jones County Safe and Healthy Youth Coalition.” In 2008 when the Drug Free Community grant was received, the Coalition expanded its focus beyond alcohol to include marijuana, nicotine, and Rx drug misuse. In 2018, youth meth use was added when another grant was received.

A Few Of Our Accomplishments

• The Iowa Youth Survey (IYS) shows that from 2002 to 2021, reported binge drinking
among Jones County 11th graders dropped 44 percentage points (52% down to 8%)!
Marijuana use, since 2008, has also gone down 11 percentage points (16% to 5%)
See chart below.

• The IYS shows from 2008 to 2021, reported cigarette use among 11th graders is down 25 percentage points (from 27% to 2%). Vaping has recently become a great concern though, with 11% using regularly. Prescription drug misuse decreased from 6% to 1%.

• Education and advocacy for youth to County officials aiding in the passage of the
Social Host Ordinance and the Underage Consumption Ordinance.

• Worked with Jones County Sheriff’s Department to implement Responsible Beverage Service Training (TIPs), quarterly for “On” and “Off Premise” Businesses (Bars and Stores). Many communities have adopted a Responsible Beverage Service ordinance.

• Worked with Monticello and Anamosa Police Departments to support, coordinate and increase alcohol compliance checks and compliance rates in Jones Co.

Your Help Is Needed

Take A Stand! Lets Work Together To Reduce Underage Drinking And Other Substance Abuse.