Sustainability Plan

Perks & Benefits

Case Statement:

The work of the JCSHY Coalition has proven to be an essential component to reducing substance use and abuse in our community through prevention efforts such as community and family education, coalition partner trainings, student advocacy group support, special events, and community advocacy. It is imperative to sustain our work that has produced a verified decrease in substance usage and made significant strides in building stronger communities in Jones County. To ensure the continuation of this important work, we need your help in sustaining our qualified and dedicated staff, suitable office facilities, community-based events and trainings, and communication tools.

Existing Resources/Termination Dates:

1. $125,000- DFC- Expires 9/30/2018- Funds 1+staff, office space & utilities, phone, and supplies
2. $75,000-SPF/SIG- Expires 6/30/2014- Funds 1+staff
3. $1000- Jones County
4. Ave.$4000- Fundraisers, private donations, and mini-grants –varies each year


Key Resources needed to be sustained:

1. Staff =$100,000
2. Office Space/Supplies =$ 13,400
3. Events & Trainings =$ 30,000
4. Communication =$ 5,000


Sources and Strategies:

1. Raise revenue through local business support, individual donations, and continue fundraisers (12.5%- fundraising, 25%- individuals, churches, businesses)- Create a database their $timeline and decision-maker

2. Continue applying for grant opportunities and look for Foundations support (30%)

3. Continue pursuing governmental and fines to be funneled for substance abuse prevention and adding the coalition as a line item for county supervisors, school boards and city councils (20%)

4. Enlist funding Board of Directors (BOD)- well-networked individuals, newly retired bankers, teachers, superintendents, and other current business and non-profit successful people

5. Investigate asset sharing (12.5%) and enlist more community support for in-kind services

Action Plan with Timeline to Implement Strategies:

1. Create case statement to tell why people should donate time and money to our organization- Now!

2. Build relationships with identified unreached organizations- soon

3. Talk to key people who have been successful in raising funds for their organizations- soon

4. Begin Public Relations campaign to raise community awareness and outreach with local business community- January 2014

5. Organize BOD by January 2015- meeting quarterly

6. BOD creates fundraising plan of action by January 2016

7. Begin bi-weekly articles in local newspapers specifically on financial needs- January 2017

8. Research, prepare and submit requests to applicable Foundations and grant opportunities- Continuous

9. Self-sustainable by 2018

Your Help Is Needed

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