Jones County Safe & Healthy Youth Coalition Committees

Marketing and Outreach Committee:
Responsible for creating social marketing campaigns for the community for Alcohol, Marijuana, Tobacco and Prescription Drugs.  Also, educating the community of the coalition and its purpose.  Also responsible for maintaining a calendar of community events and having a presence at each through documentation and coalition members.  Responsible for recruiting potential members and conduct new member orientation. Ensure members are actively engaged and sustained in the coalition. Also responsible for obtaining donations to support coalition activities.

Planning and Assessment Committee:
Responsible for researching, creating, maintaining and organizing a variety of data to understand the issues that exist in Jones County regarding Alcohol, Marijuana, Tobacco and Prescription Drugs. Also responsible for creating logic models for each drug.

Policy Committee:
Responsible for promoting and supporting the establishment and implementation of community policies, ordinances and laws that prevent substance abuse and promote a healthy Jones County.

Youth Advisory Board:
Responsible for developing youth advocacy groups and activities. Work and advise coalition of youth trends in the community. Assist in developing the coalition’s strategic plan.

The Jones County Safe and Healthy Youth Coalition meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 11:30 for lunch, at the Lawrence Community Center, but occasionally meets in Monticello or other county locations. You can call for location or watch for postings on our facebook page. Like us at — The Executive Board meets 12 days prior to the Coalition meeting.